Changes in California Law Are Impacting the Roads

The debate about the legalization of marijuana often leaves out some very critical elements. While people get caught up on the arguments about civil liberties and how helpful or harmful the plant is on the human body, they often miss some of the other social issues that this drug impacts.

California recently legalized the use of the drug for the public and already there are impacts being seen. Sure, those who are in favor of marijuana legalization will point to the positive things that they say can be attributed to the drug, but there are other impacts as well. Insurance companies and government agencies are reporting that the number of claims involving a driver under the influence of marijuana are on the rise in that State.

Drivers in neighboring states to California are also seeing in increase in the number of claims filed in which marijuana was a factor. This may be because people are smoking the drug in California and then driving across state lines to those other places. Regardless, the way that the law is written certainly allows for drivers who are injured as a result of a situation like this to file for damages.

It is not legal to drive under the influence of marijuana or any other drug for that matter in any part of the United States. It is possible to gain money in the form of damages if it can be proven that someone was under the influence and thus being negligent in their operation of their motor vehicle.

In some very serious cases the type of damages that one may go after are not just of a monetary nature. Courts may rule that punitive damages are appropriate if the case is a very serious one. It is up to the court to decide on this, but they sometimes do in very terrible cases because they want to discourage would be future offenders from ever reaching that stage. If they can just get in there and prevent some accidents before they ever happen, then these damages are serving their purpose.

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