Paint the wood kitchen cabinets

Give your kitchen cupboards an invigorating refresh for just a couple of dollars. You can paint the kitchen cabinets in different colors, which will also provide the refinish of the cabinets. That is only possible if the wood of the cabinet is undamaged and unbroken. The paint can hide the small flaws of the cabinets but it cannot hire breaks and creaks in the wood.

The painting if the cabinet is not a difficult task. It requires some equipment such as paintbrushes, screwdriver and sanding paper and your time. First of all the most important thing is to remove the hardware and even the doors of the cabinet. If you want this task to be stress, free and hassle, free. After that, you will have to clean the cabinet boxes and doors to remove the dust and oil stains. This will not let the paint and stain stay to the wood, so a careful cleaning of your cupboards is a crucial stride in resurfacing them. You can use hot water and vinegar to give a proper cleaning.

There are wood fillers available in the market. You can use it to fill the cracks and small holes in the wood with the filler.

Select a paint shading that upgrades your kitchen stylistic theme. White paint gives a house appearance when completed in a weathered look. Apply dark paint with a troubled complete for a Tuscan look. Lustrous, white or dark paint in a uniform complete tends to supplement contemporary stylistic layout. Sage green paint is a perfect shading for farmhouse style. Apply two layers of paint, trailed by a defensive polyurethane wrap up. Draw out the normal wood grain of your cabinetry and include a defensive covering by applying an across the board stain and polyurethane wrap up. Pick a stain shading that supplements your current stylistic theme and other wooden elements, for example, a hardwood floor. Brush on the stain with smooth, even strokes. Abstain from soaking the cupboards with an excessive amount of stain that may trickle and pool. Apply a moment coat for a more extreme shading.

There are companies, which provide the services of  N-Hance Burlington-Oakville and Professional cabinet painters. However, doing it by yourself can be less expensive.